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1.  [직무명 / 근무지]
     eCommerce Analytics Manager / 서울 서대문구 본사 근무
2.  [직무내용]
Analyze & identify trends across the online customer journey, providing insight & recommendations to drive additional traffic & sales.
 Ÿ Utilize multiple data sources and turn different data streams into a cohesive view of our customer to produce detailed digital business insights & analysis
 Ÿ Ensure the best possible customer journeys in partnership with the eCommerce Coordinator, including tracking of A/B & MV tests, funnel and path analyses
 Ÿ Continuously track and optimize online acquisition campaigns in partnership with the Acquisition Coordinator
 Ÿ Collaborate with CRM to track and analyze online activity according to customer segmentation
 Ÿ Create and maintain associated user documentation
 Ÿ Provide detailed analysis of merchandizing zones performance to refine understanding of winning combinations (menu/pages/section/placement/creative)
Deliver reports & dashboards to monitor the digital performance of the eChannel.
 Ÿ Produce regular reporting and periodic research into key consumer segments and digital product usage
 Ÿ Define & Optimize main KPIs to support eChannels monitoring
 Ÿ Setup & maintain daily eCommerce KPI reports to send to stakeholders
 Ÿ Produce Weekly/Monthly eBusiness KPI dashboards with associated insights
 Ÿ Draft campaign post-evaluation analysis reports for various E-Commerce led activities
Develop and maintain internal forecasting models to ensure accurate predictive analysis.
 Ÿ Ensure that the relevant formulae are implemented based on historical data, seasonality business variables
 Ÿ Define the relevant variables together with key stakeholders
 Ÿ Assist in the definition and ensure the tracking of business targets for the Channel
 Ÿ Maintain & adjust the forecasting based on actual results & key learnings throughout the year
3.  [자격요건]
 Ÿ Degree in quantitative field such as Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics, Applied Analytics, Operations Research, Accounting, Business Management, Economics, or Finance required
 Ÿ 6-8 years of experience with web/mobile analytics, metrics gathering, reporting and analysis
 Ÿ At least 3 years of experience with attribution models, cohort analysis, A/B and MV testing management
 Ÿ Advanced proficiency in predictive modelling, forecasting and other statistical analyses
 Ÿ Advanced proficiency in Google Analytics (required), Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture) (preferred), Excel (expert), Cognos (preferred) and related data-analysis software
 Ÿ Advanced eCRM expertise
 Ÿ Stakeholder Management in a matrix organization
 Ÿ Experience in a multi-national, cross-channel environment a plus
4.  [제출서류 및 제출처]
 Ÿ , 영문 이력서 및 국, 영문 자기소개서  자유양식
 Ÿ 제출시 제목: eCommerce Analytics Manager(성명)
 Ÿ 제출시 PDF 또는 MS Word파일로 전환하여 송부 해주시기 바랍니다.
 Ÿ 서류 기재 사항이 허위임이 판명되면 합격 취소 또는 채용 취소 될 수 있습니다.
 제출처: [email protected] (입사서류는 이메일로만 접수합니다)
5.  [기타]
 Ÿ 결과는 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보 예정입니다.
 Ÿ 지원 직무, 긴급 연락처(휴대폰 번호)  이메일 주소를 이력서 상단에 꼭 기재하시기 바랍니다.