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1.  [직무명 / 근무지]
    National Boutique Manager / 서울 서대문구 본사 근무
2.  [직무내용]
Premium Brand Values
 Ÿ Guarantee consistency of the Nespresso Brand and the consumer experience in an Omni channel environment
 Ÿ Proactively ensure alignment between all Nespresso Channels (Boutiques, CRC, e-Commerce and Trade) in order to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience
 Ÿ Ensure that Retail Management staff is respecting the Nespresso five attributes: Warmth & Empathy, Experience, Retailer spirit, Responsiveness and Style
 Ÿ Ensure that Retail achieve minimum score in the Mystery Shopper and Customer Voice Surveys.
 Ÿ Ensure the implementation of a regular coaching programme for Retail; monitor results in order to enhance and improve the Customer Experience in Retail
 Ÿ Guarantee sharing of Best Practices in the Retail network locally as well as on an international level
Retail channel expansion & BTQ management
 Ÿ Assess countries' demographics and coffee consumption in order to size the market. (Collect Marketing & competitive intelligence info)
 Ÿ Identify new potential channels and categories to develop the business
 Ÿ Monitor business opportunities within the geographical clusters where Nespresso is not present and give recommendations to the Commercial Manager/BEO for development
 Ÿ Analyze business requests proposals within each cluster and share with expansion team
 Ÿ Report clear assessment of the ending contract mandate
 Ÿ Manage operational readiness for new retail openings
 Ÿ Recommend contract improvements and/or potential new distributors to validate new location, relocation and renovation projects
 Ÿ Monitor international Retail Development (IRD) projects
 Ÿ Manage relationship with landlords to leverage on communication & P2P initiatives
 Ÿ Ensure strong management presence is maintained in all BTQ through regular visits and evaluations
People and Organization Development:
 Ÿ Proactively ensure cross- functional alignment and communication
 Ÿ Establish the appropriate organization in line with Operational Plan (OP) and the International Retail Operational Guidance
 Ÿ Ensure that appropriate resources and tools are provided for the implementation of corporate projects
 Ÿ Recruit, develop, motivate and manage Retail staff in order to deliver superior performance and results
 Ÿ Develop commercial, entrepreneurial and managerial skills for Retail Management
 Ÿ Manage and comply with the HR and Line Manager’s Planning Cycle (timely PDP reviews)
 Ÿ Manage the development and evolution of the Boutique function in the Market/Region
Budget Management:
 Ÿ Management and control of all performance KPIs and expenditures to ensure they are in line with budgets
 Ÿ Implement and follow up PFME budgets validated in the Operational Plan (OP) process, as well as Capex and Genex budgets in collaboration with F&C
 Ÿ Ensure & monitor validated FTE capacity according to OP
 Ÿ Ensure reporting accuracy and transmission of reports concerning the Retail network
 Ÿ Manage individual Retail P&L
 Ÿ Ensure the communication and understanding of the International Retail/Trade Operational Guidance and ensure that Retail staff respect this framework
 Ÿ Set-up and follow-up of all F&C, accounting procedures in order to ensure cash & payment accuracy, security (goods and staff), and logistics (stock, inventories, FIFO, Boutique supply...).
 Ÿ Ensure coordination with CRC, IT, Supply Chain (CDP), Technical & Quality and F&C department.
3.  [자격요건]
 Ÿ University Degree
Dealing negotiation with major retail channels (department stores)
 Ÿ Sales or marketing experience/background
 Ÿ Minimum 5 years Retail/Lifestyle/Premium service experience
 Ÿ People management experience is essential
 Ÿ Luxury goods/hospitality industry
 Ÿ Product Management
4.  [제출서류 및 제출처]
 Ÿ , 영문 이력서 및 국, 영문 자기소개서 자유양식
 Ÿ 제출시 제목: National Boutique Manager(성명)
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 Ÿ 서류 기재 사항이 허위임이 판명되면 합격 취소 또는 채용 취소 될 수 있습니다.
 제출처: [email protected] (입사서류는 이메일로만 접수합니다)
5.  [기타]
 Ÿ 결과는 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보 예정입니다.
 Ÿ 지원 직무, 긴급 연락처(휴대폰 번호) 이메일 주소를 이력서 상단에 꼭 기재하시기 바랍니다.