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1.  [직무명 / 근무지]


    Brand Communication Manager / 서울 서대문구 본사 근무



2.  [직무내용]


1) Responsible for localized integrated communication strategy set up and fine tuning brand key messages in line with HQ strategy and plans and execute integrated marketing communications program to achieve brand awareness, image, acquisition  and to offer the right customer experiences of the brand and make engagement 


2) Team management responsibility


  - Drive the organization's biz results and right initiative by operational decision

  - Support MM in PFME, Optimal investment and decision and give analysis of ROI, performance

  - Manage and monitor the budget with efficiency and effectiveness

  - Strong collaboration with Ecom, CRM, PM, CRC, TQ and B2B

  - Manage yearly, monthly activity calendar with IMC


3) Set up media creative / buying strategy and plans of TV, print, digital, OOH, cinema, etc. and localize communication and creatives based on the brand and product launch strategy and execution with localizationŸ Localize and execute global media strategy and develop ATL/ BTL plans and materials Guard the brand identity Manage performance


4) Give media competition insight to Marketing Manager and Mancom to analyze brand performance and status


5) Digital media plans including SEO, SEM and performance digital marketing


6) In charge of PR communication strategy set up and its plan, also execution including press release, feature article development, magazine advertorials, collaborative digital PR based on media partnership, viral through blogs, SNS, KOL, etc. about the brand, product launches, fine-dining for B2B collaboration and brand sustainability


  - KOL strategy and execution including journalists, bloggers, NGO, authorities, etc.


7) Develop local Creating Shared Value (Social) activity program and contents to enhance customers' engagement to our recycling program


8) Plan and execute events including PR, Customer, Social influencers, VIP events and consumer sampling events to promote customers experience of the brand and products


9) Crisis management


10) Strong contents development and digital marketing and PR through influencers, native ads, blogs


11) Manage all digital initiatives including brand owned digital channel - SNS management (brand facebook, instagram) and strengthen SNS marketing


12) Responsible for attracting, contracting and managing agencies of ATL media, digital media, PR and event to achieve the marketing communication goals with effectiveness and efficiency


13) People & Performance Management


  - Retain talent, develop personal performance by coaching and build the strong team with collaborative and professional working spirit


  - Implement of way of working to set KPI reasonably and achieve the target and analyze performance and adopt


  - Progress, timeline management


  - Build positive, team work culture with passion, professionalism and maturity



3.  [자격 요건]


  - Experience in both Marketing PR of branding oriented brands, consumer product brands, premium brands and Corporate PR over 12 years

  - Strong in digital / SEO, SEM / Media planning experiences in especially TV and digital over 4 years

  - Crisis management experienced

  - Experiences in CSR or social PR program development and execution

  - English required

  - Strategic, analytics, communication skill, good in time management, proactive, responsible, attention to quality, detail and visuals

  - Global premium/ global company experiences necessary, cosmetics industry preferred

  - Less than 3 years of media agency AE experience preferred

  - Worked for a premium brand with an FMCG mindset

  - Existing network in media



4.  [제출서류 및 제출처] 


  - 국, 영문 이력서 및 국, 영문 자기소개서 – 자유양식

  - 제출시 제목: Brand Communication Manager (성명)

  - 제출시 PDF 또는 MS Word파일로 전환하여 송부 해주시기 바랍니다.

  - 서류 기재 사항이 허위임이 판명되면 합격 취소 또는 채용 취소 될 수 있습니다.

  - 제출처: [email protected] (입사서류는 이메일로만 접수합니다.)



5.  [기타]


  - 결과는 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보 예정입니다.

  - 지원 직무, 긴급 연락처(휴대폰 번호) 및 이메일 주소를 이력서 상단에 꼭 기재하시기 바랍니다.