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1.  [직무명 / 근무지]

B2C Sales Representative / 서울 서대문구 본사 근무


2.  [직무내용]

1) Establish and manage the relationship with POS

Prospect, select, evaluate and classify the POS according to international guidelines

Present Nespresso machine range and list the SKU's according with POS potential of sales

Assist in developing sales strategy at store level for machine listing & execution

Generate commercial understanding with retail staff of the SDA and Hot Beverage categories by communicating insight and expertise on the performance, highlighting current trends and opportunities

Develop joint business plans at a local level, agree targets, initiatives, manage contact lists of the retailer

Ensure sufficient machine range and stock to satisfy the demand in each store, by managing efficiently the sell-in plan, the relation with POS and Machine partner


2) Ensure Nespresso machine range availability in Trade through the development of Sell-in process and KPI's

Development and implementation of business plans for regional Key Accounts and Independent retailers

Ensure the reliability of the partner for a sell-in business relation

Negotiation of machine transfer-prices

Negotiation of payment terms and delivery modes respecting marginal contribution and sell-in targets (volumes and value)

Analyze business data, prepare and use it for negotiations

Develop an understanding of the trade partners: importance and dynamic of the coffee category

Establish and improve KPI´s which give value to the business of the trade partner: level of stock coverage, turnover per SKU, delivery and return processes


3) Ensure consistency of Nespresso brand presence and customer experience in all POS

Visit the POS

Prepare the visit  (situation, objectives, action plans)

Visit stores on a day-to-day basis according to pre-defined time & territory planning & priorities

Negotiate sell-out activities to maximize product rotation in store using "win-win" methodology

Look after the machine stock in store and check the turnover in order to avoid over stock and out-of-stock situations

Ensure Nespresso brand visibility

Ensure brand image is respected

Ensure permanent coffee tasting at POS as the base of customer experience at POS

Organize Nespresso spaces according to the merchandising guidelines (POSM permanent and non-durable, machines)

Ensure effective partnership between the POS, Nespresso and the machine -partner. (Corner, permanent material, full path to purchase, temporary material, regular shelf and category management)

Leverage activities to secure retail space in order to advertise brand and Trade marketing campaigns

Follow up

Gather sales information, encountered problems, expectations of POS

Report visit results, monthly reports (sales, demo results, competitive info, etc.)

Develop knowledge and expertise on the Nespresso Trilogy with the necessary stakeholders


4) Merchandising

Negotiate or adjust POS P2P merchandising investments according to POS classification and return

Negotiate and implement the Nespresso POSM (P2P materials, Durable POSM, special materials)

Check and maintain POSM and merchandising in general (catalogues, tasting material) to maximize premium brand visibility

Maximize promotional activities and machine launches communication materials

Ensure a clear in-store communication to the final customer of promotional activities and brand pillars


5) Management of the demonstrators program within the defined territory

Control demo budget and plan for the defined region

Ensure that all compliance and control measures of the Demonstrators are audited and adhered to on-going

Strategically deploy demonstrators to increase POS sell-out of Nespresso machines

Continuously review the quality of the in-store demonstration to define and support any improvement plans

Support the recruitment, training, coaching and development of demonstrators team

Coordinate and guarantee with demos agency coordinators the necessary material and info updates to meet Nespresso standards

Coordinate an efficient usage of Aurora through the agencies and demonstrators


6) Maintain training level and information flow between POS and machine partner

Organize training programs for the POS sales personnel (Nespresso Academy, Personalized quick training in store, POS openings, new machines etc.) in order to guarantee high service level, strong motivation and commitment

Execute localized training with the POS to promote educate staff on the Nespresso trilogy Motivate POS staff to promote Nespresso over and above all competitors

Inform the POS and the machine-partners about the latest changes concerning machines, coffee, POSM, Club mailing, events

Ensure a healthy partnership with machine -partner. Regular meetings with MP's counterpart


7) Compliance with Nestlé and Nespresso business principles and policies including Nestlé trade policy, local Sales policy, local Trade Terms, Safety and legal regulations

Comply with the Nespresso information system (reporting tools, Nessoft, Nesales etc.) to ensure best possible market intelligence and customer relationship management

Quality at POS standards are implemented and maintained by the Sales promoters


3.  [자격요건]

1-2 years of Experience in sales in high end or mass market products

knowledge of national chains, distributors of household appliances is a plus

Experience of establishing and growing business relationships

Can interpret and analyze sales data to create inspirational selling stories

Understands premium brands

Merchandising concept to implement in-store


4.  [제출서류 및 제출처]

• 국, 영문 이력서 및 국, 영문 자기소개서 자유양식

• 제출시 제목: B2C Sales Representative (성명)

• 제출시 PDF 또는 MS Word파일로 전환하여 송부 해주시기 바랍니다.

• 서류 기재 사항이 허위임이 판명되면 합격 취소 또는 채용 취소 될 수 있습니다.

제출처: [email protected] (입사서류는 이메일로만 접수합니다.)


5.  [기타]

• 결과는 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보 예정입니다.

• 지원 직무, 긴급 연락처(휴대폰 번호) 이메일 주소를 이력서 상단에 꼭 기재하시기 바랍니다.