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1.  [직무명 / 근무지]
     B2B Marketing Manager (Marketing 팀 소속 정규직) / 서울 서대문구 본사 근무
2.  [직무내용]
1) Lead Generation
  Ÿ Set up B2B generation strategies and plans, execute marketing comm., CLM activities
  Ÿ Activate retention
  Ÿ Boost up the business with campaigns, fairs & events, communications, collaborations, CLM actions
  Ÿ Translate customer insight and analysis to the strategy and plans, and execute the CLM actions
  Ÿ Increase awareness and image of the brand, B2B
  Ÿ Strongly support B2B business and sales    
2) Manage operation related to product portfolio / SFCT
  Ÿ Manage product portfolio and closely co work with SCM and manage SFCST and stock
  Ÿ Set up pricing, the promotion strategy and plans 
  Ÿ Conduct annual deep dives on market, trends and competitive development for coffee, machines, accessories and services to fuel the local product strategy and marketing plan, in collaboration with Data & Insights
  Ÿ Benchmark local performance with international best practices and local competitive environment
3)  Set up communication strategy, plans and execute the actions
  Ÿ Drive awareness for the OOH propositions among decision makers and end-users including local ATL and BTL campaigns for office, in close cooperation with the local and central communication team
  Ÿ Maximize impact of the local digital footprint, including the OOH website, through content adaptation, creation and activation in close cooperation with the local digital team
  Ÿ Fair, events plan and execute to increase awareness, boost up sales  
4) Activate acquisition and retention through customer lifecycle management
  Develop onboarding and retention programs based on strategy and analysis of CLM
  Execute and implement CLM programs and manage the index
  Fuel the customer insight and lifecycle trend to the business strategy and sales plans
  Translate CLM analysis to sales strategy and plans with sales driven mind-set
  Support B2B Customer Experience Strategy set up and execution
5) Offer new coffee moments and brand experiences
  Contribute brand experiences through B2B and offer new coffee moments to customers with launches in the area of coffee, machines, accessories and services for the channel
  Execute market specific local initiatives
  Support continuous improvement through conducting pre- and post-evaluations of product launches & themes
6) Make synergy between B2B and B2C
  Reinforce the brand, create the category and make a good awareness and experience of the brand in B2B
  Make a good synergy effect of B2B2C, B2C2B in terms of way of working, thinking and execution
7) Lead B2B marketing team and develop human resources
  Lead and train B2B human resource
3.  [자격요건]
1) Academic Experience
  University degree in marketing, communication, commercial or equivalent
2) Business Experience
   At least over 12 years of experience in sales driven marketing
   Worked for an organisation with leading brands and a strong commercial mind-set
  Experience in project management
  CLM, CRM, Communication, Events, Marketing experiences necessary
4.  [제출서류 및 제출처]
  Ÿ , 영문 이력서 및 국, 영문 자기소개서 – 자유양식
  Ÿ 제출시 제목: B2B Marketing Manager (성명)
  Ÿ 제출시 PDF 또는 MS Word파일로 전환하여 송부 해주시기 바랍니다.
  Ÿ 서류 기재 사항이 허위임이 판명되면 합격 취소 또는 채용 취소 될 수 있습니다.
  제출처: [email protected] (입사서류는 이메일로만 접수합니다.)
5.  [기타]
  Ÿ 결과는 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보 예정입니다.
  Ÿ 지원 직무, 긴급 연락처(휴대폰 번호) 및 이메일 주소를 이력서 상단에 꼭 기재하시기 바랍니다.